Retailys is an advanced e-commerce platform for management of all online business activities that allows easy expansion to foreign markets via one administration.

We are pleased by your interest to manage your international online business in Retailys. In this manual you can find detailed information about system’s functionalities, typical usage scenarios and typical third-party services to which Retailys is linked.

What and for whom has been Retailys designed? is a cloud-based omnichannel tool for simultaneous management of all online sales channels with the possibility expand abroad via international online stores or marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon.

A typical user of the Retailys system is therefore a retailer or manufacturer, who is no longer satisfied with the current e-shop solution: wants to run multiple online stores, whether local or foreign. Abroad, he can come across other various options how goods can be sold and realize that there are many different so-called sales channels.

Dealing with a real online expansion, for a company it is common to sell on dozens of different sales channels. See what types of sales channels customers use the most to buy the goods.

Once a company decides to use multichannel (omnichannel) sales strategy and wants to run multiple online stores or sell via global marketplaces, many challenges and requirements will emerge:

  • The more sales channels mean the more administrations (that is very impractical to manage)

  • There are different databases of products, orders, users that will be created (clutter in data)

  • Each channel must be in set up different language, currency and needs to meet many other local-market specificities

  • Different delivery and payment methods on individual channels (e.g. abroad)

  • Larger companies have even more companies for each country (documents are issued by local-based company)

These kinds of problems are effectively solved in Retailys system. In one place, it centralizes management of all products, customers and orders as well. It is designed for all retailers, for who is one online store not enough and want to run more sales channels and want to manage entire online business efficiently in one platform.

How use this Help

Prior to starting work in Retailys, we recommend reading through each section to find out how the system works to make further work in easier and more efficient.

Help is structured into the following 4 sections:

  • Get started – A basic description of system setup, creation of your first online store (e-shop), other sales channels and basic links to other online services

  • Retailys system – technical description of individual sections in the system

  • External services – detailed description of external third-party services (payment methods, price comparators, marketplaces etc.), instructions for their setting and activation as well as connection to Retailys

  • Tips, hacks and tutorials – everything that did not fit to other sections and what can make your work in system more comfortable

Tip: for programmers and highly experienced users, we recommend special technical help to show you how to develop custom modules in Retailys!

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