In this part of the system, you have the option to view the entire list of orders from your customers, edit them, send automatic emails, change order statuses, and filter orders according to a wide range of requirements.

Setting of time period

With the blue button at the top right, you can filter orders according to your desired period from today to the last year or filter using your own date range.

Setting of order overview

Clicking the gear icon to view your order summary settings. Here you can indicate what information you want to display in the columns of orders and set the column width.

  • ID

  • Credit note

  • Warehouse

  • Date

  • Price

  • Payment date

  • Internal note

  • Status

  • Invoice

  • Channel

  • Sold

  • Purchaser

  • Paid

  • Note from customer

  • Date of cancellation

  • Bold text - turn on text highlighting in orders

Beware that when you lower the monitor resolution and turn on many columns, the columns hide behind the right margin, which can be reached using the slider at the bottom of the page.

Export order overview

After you set up the column display, you have the option to export orders to your chosen file format by selecting from the following options: .xlsx, .xls and .ods.

Orders filtration

The filtration of orders is possible according to several criteria that you can combine.

  • Search

    • By order number

    • By customer name

    • By customer's phone number

    • By shipping / billing address

    • According to customer notes

  • Order status

    • Biggest orders

    • Regular orders

    • Pending orders

    • Pending orders

    • Invoices

    • Credit notes

  • Filter by company and sales channel

  • According to subscriber – customer

  • By country from which it was ordered

  • According to the product included in the order (whispering works)

Orders overview

When you open it for the first time, orders are displayed as individual rows with basic information. Here you can see the documents you have already created that are available to you. In the action column there are three buttons with the first one you can edit the order and its essentials, copy the order or add a payment. You also have the option to quickly change the order status, based on which you can send an e-mail automatically or you can send the e-mail "manually", see image Overview of orders. You can use the arrow on the right side of each order to view its details, which are showing individual items. Clicking on the image will display the tab for that product and clicking on the Product ID will move you to edit the order items. It also shows billing and shipping information, internal notes, or change history for an order

Edit order

If you want to complete the order, cancel, copy or change all details of the order you have the option in the action column -> first icon.

At the top, you can edit your billing or shipping information. The next section (green block) shows all the documents that have been displayed. A proforma of the invoice is generated as soon as the order is created. A classic invoice is generated when the order is complete. If the order is canceled - only after it has been completed - a credit note is generated. In the section on the right (orange block) it is possible to register the delivered parcels from any carrier in the Czech Republic. The following items are modified in the order. We may remove each product, modify its name, price or VAT amount. If you want to add a product, you have the option to add an item via the button where you can select the desired one from the list of all products and the whisper will complete everything for you. A table with a history of changes appears again at the bottom. In the Order Operations section, you can change the order status.

Add payment

You can add a payment to each order. After clicking on the button you will see a window with the amount you want to fill in and the date when the payment was made. If you have Retailys connected with payment gateway from Comgate payment will be automatically added if someone pays by online card. The stutus column will then display an icon according to the amount paid.

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