In this module, all users in the system can be viewed and edited. If a user makes an order in your e-shop, it is automatically included in this list and you can change the details of it.

There are 4 action buttons per user.

  1. Deactivate the access - the user will no longer log into the system

  2. Edit user data

  3. New order for users

  4. Displays a randomly generated password

  5. If the user has any rights, the API token is displayed

You can see when he last logged on to the system and what rights he has. Or assign one to him

Data change

If you click on the 2nd action button, you will be moved to user editing. You can make changes to:

  • Login

  • Invoicing information

  • Delivery data

  • System language

  • Rights

  • Date of last login

  • Date of registration to the system

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