Content family
The content family is used to separate products into larger groups and to choose what I want to adjust for the products. For example, to separate content pages and products from each other, or to sell completely different things on each sales channel, I will create more product families.
When you adjust or create a new content family, a new window will open, in which you choose the product family name and her description. In the second part of the window, there are 3 columns
Basic Information - This is general information for each product
    The initial name
    EAN – barcode
    ASIN – Amazon product code
    Purchase price
    Manufacturer’s code
    Internal number
    Country of origin
Parameters - these are additional user-created parameters that I want to follow. After they were created, they are displayed with your product creation in one of the upper blocks - Parameters
Information on other websites:
    Brief description
    End price without VAT
    End price with VAT
    Recommended price without VAT
    Recommended price with VAT
    Posted by
    Posted to
    Active – required for the article to appear on the web
When creating a product family, I recommend choosing - Initial name, VAT, Images, Name, Path, Description, End Price (no matter what matters to you), Currency and Active


Parameters are used to express specific product properties. Multiple parameter types can be selected
Types of parameters
    Text: We select if there are different product properties that we cannot define for all products in advance and which will be entered in the administration. These parameter values will not be translated into other language mutations. For example: Weight: 1kg
    List: By selection, you will access the possibility to make the list of available parameter values. In editing the product, then you will be able to select ONLY from these values. The big advantage is that you can localize each value for each sales channel. This way, you can tailor the value of the product to the specific sales channel on each sales channel. For example: Color: red (on German sales channel "Rot", on English "red")
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