Template FRESH

If you want to make a payment by card it is necessary to ask for a connection to the payment gateway and this request may take up to several weeks. Currently, we support Comgate, but we are planning another one.

Modification of the template you should conduct with great caution because many features are interrelated and may break the look and feel of the site. If you need assistance, contact helpdesk@retailys.com or + 420 376 383 611

The template settings are clearly divided into tabs:

Colors - Adjusts the colors of text, backgrounds, and templates. Insert images into the background and headers, etc.

Header - Edit and stylize the header, including the categories at the top of the site

Templates - Setting for each product family whether they will be displayed as a classic content page or a product article

HomePage - Edit and stylize the main elements on the homepage. Including slider placement. The entire page is divided into blocks that can be individually edited.

socialNetworks - Links to social networks

Order - Stylize the order form

Footer - Adjust and stylize the page footer. The footer is also divided into blocks that can be individually edited.

Others - Other web edits - languages, currency display filters, discussions, photos, prices etc.

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