Brick-and-mortar stores

The Brick-and-mortar sotres section allows you to manage all the stone shops and their cash registers in one administration, including cash movements, cash or cash dispensers.

To activate the Cash desk it is important to have an established and active sales channel the Electronic cash desk, then it is displayed in the tabs in the top menu.

New purchase

This works like a classic electronic cash register in a store, you load the EAN code from the product into the green block, the system searches the product database and then displays the corresponding product. After selecting the pieces and clicking on the add button, it is added to the bottom list of purchased items.

Cash register

On this tab, you can see your current cash register balance. You have the option to manage deposits and withdrawals or to reset the cash register. Every time you want to add a deposit or withdrawal, you write Description and enter a value for depositing a positive value when withdrawing a negative value. Below this, you can see a clear list of withdrawals and deposits.

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