My organization


Use this section to set up your organization, which is then used to fill in invoice headers and more. An unlimited number of organizations can be set up in the system. When viewing the report, the country in which the organization is based, Company Name, Company ID, and Tax ID are located.

If you click on the action button or add a new business, a new window will appear in which are 4 bookmarks:

Basic data

Here you can fill in basic information about the organization / company such as:

  • The name of the company

  • Street

  • City

  • Company ID

  • Tax ID

  • Telephone

  • E-mail

  • Account number

  • Bank code

  • IBAN



Here you can choose whether you want to create invoices in the system or not. You also have the option to choose a numbered series of invoices and corrective tax documents and the associated mask of a numbered series of invoices and corrective tax documents.

Bank accounts

Use this tab to enter bank accounts that are associated with your business.

VAT in individual countries

You will use this section mainly if you are registered in several countries. Here you fill in the box if you are registered for tax in the country


This tab contains a list of all warehouses that are created in your account. When the report is displayed, Warehouse Name is displayed, this name will be displayed on the site, as well as an alternate name on the sales channels, warehouse-type, and warehouse status active / inactive.

After clicking on the action button or add a warehouse, a new window will appear, in which you will enter the Warehouse Name, short name. If we select the Shipping warehouse option, a new Number of Days to Ship Checkout option is displayed. When you select the Personal Collection Option, the Working Hours from to and the store number will open. Another option is whether we want the warehouse active or inactive and the last item here is Warehouse type: Own warehouse or Supplier warehouse.


This tab lists the suppliers. When you will see the overview, the Supplier name, contact email, supplier description and whether the supplier is Dropshipping (the supplier of goods, in this case, acts as a warehouse and you offer his goods through your e-shop. what you actually sell.)

After clicking on the action button or add a supplier, a new window will appear in which we fill in the Supplier name, select whether the supplier is dropshipping. Furthermore, the number of days to check-in, contact e-mail, description of the supplier, minimum taking-in from the supplier and in which currency. If you want to create a supply bridge for your e-shop in the Retailys system, contact or +420 376 383 611.

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