Set of variants

This category is used to create variants (for example, to choose the size of clothes - variants: S, M, L, XL ...). Adding variants works by firstly creating the variant set itself (selecting the appropriate name for it) and then creating individual values for that set.

Variants management

This table lists the variant sets already created. You can edit them in the Actions column and add more variation options to them.

Clicking on the list of values (red icon) you will get a list of all variants for the set. You can further edit your variations by changing the name in the Actions column or using the Add Variation Value button to add an option to an existing variation set.

Click the edit button to open a window in which you can change the set name, or edit the set name for each sales channel in the Alternate Names for Sales Channels tab. If you do not fill in this tab, the name in the first line will be used for all channels.

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