There are two basic statuses in the whole Retailys system - pre-set system and individual user.

System statuses

  • The order arrives in the system is colored yellow by midnight the same day

  • If the order is the next day without changing the status in the system, its color will change to red

  • Unless otherwise set and your order will be marked as pending, it will turn white

  • If you cancel the order, it will also be white

User statuses

Personal states that we can create accordingly what kind of change and when we want for orders. When you change to a specific user status, the associated email can be sent. In the example below, we can see that the user-created call-to-payment status is purple and the cancellation status is black. We can also add a special icon to each status by selecting it from the gallery, which is available in the settings.

Create and manage user statuses

To create a new user status, click the patch Add status. A window opens where you can fill in individual settings.

Fill in the name first. This is following by the selection of the status icon and color from a wide selection. An important parameter is whether the order should be canceled, completed or just "changed color" for better lucidity in the list. After entering all values, the new status will appear in the overview of orders status.

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