Product overview

In this part of system, you can see a complete list of products and their variants, edit them and use the filter by wide range of requirements.

The first is an option to search and filter products by various requirements. You can use a filter on following:

  • Active products

  • Inactive products

  • Available products

  • Unavailable products

  • Products in stock

  • Sold out products

  • Products with variants

  • Products without variants

Another filter option you can find right next to the content family. Use the gearwheel located on the right side of the screen to set the default sales channel from which will be displayed the products, product columns as well as the possibility of setting according to what the system should search in.

Display columns:

  • Product ID

  • EAN

  • Family of product

  • Availability

  • Pictures

  • Name of product

  • Price

  • Price without VAT

  • Publishing on other channels

  • Stock availability

  • Variants of product

  • Serial number

  • Display of individual sales channels

Search engine by:

  • Product ID

  • EAN

  • Picture

  • Product number

  • Catalogue number

  • Manufacturer

  • Serial number

  • Internal note

There are 3 buttons by each product:

  • Redirection to product edit

  • Preview the web

  • View orders for the product

How to view and create variants

After you create your set of variants, you can create the product variations. As you can see in upper picture using the arrow next to the product on the left side, we will display a list of variants for the selected product. When you create your first variation, you only have to select the add-variation button. After you click on this button, you can select the set of variants you have defined and the variant you want to add to the site.

After adding the first variant, you can choose an option to add multiple variants. After opening this window, you will see a list of variants in the set and you can easily check what you want to add as variants. For each added variant, an asterisk appears to make the variant the main one. The main variation will appear in the product listing on the web. (Only one option can be selected.)

Add and edict product

To create a product, you can see 4 blocks:

  • First -blue block to upload the pictures. After opening a window with images and their upload, you can determine their order. As a result, the sequence in the window in such appears on the web + you can drag the edge to move their position.

  • Second - yellow block for general product information - Items are selected of your choice when creating a product family.

  • Third - green block to fill in the parameters selected when creating the product family.

  • Fourth - red block for warehouse availability. If you fill in the required field, it means that there must be a minimum of the selected number in stock.

After saving, bookmarks with sales channels in your account will open. Here you can quickly transfer products from channel to channel by clicking on the product of the channel on which you want to publish the product, but you must fill in the content again, as another channel may be in a foreign language.

There are 3 tabs below - Content, Category and Related Products where you can set products for your chosen sales channel.

The items in the yellow block and in the bottom window (Contents) are displayed depending on the Product Family selected in the parameters. Learn more in the content family.


In this tab you can choose the name you want to be displayed on the web. You can also choose the Content part of the product, which you can edit using classic features such as bold, italic, list, table, or embed video in text. Then you set the currency and price with VAT, just fill in one box and the system will calculate it itself.

The last and absolutely necessary thing is to set up the product to be active. If you set a recommended price higher than the end price for a product, the system will turn on the discount itself, calculate the percentage difference, and display it on the site.


In this section, you will categorize the product in the category you want it on the web. There is also an overview of the categories in which the product is located. There are two ways to select a category:

  • Using category search (whispering works)

  • I select in the displayed tree of categories for the given sales channel

This tab allows you to select related products. This means products that will be displayed in detail of the product to be filled. For example, I will choose a cover or a memory card (upselling) as related products for a mobile phone.

You add the product after filling in the box, where the whispering also works.

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