This section is used to manage your sales channels such as editing basic e-shop data, modifying the template for the e-shop appearance and changing shipping methods.

Overview of sales channels

Here you can see a list of all your sales channels and basic information about them - origin flag, e-shop name, domain, primary language, currency, activity and action buttons. At the bottom is a list of countries for which you can create a sales channel and create it with just a few clicks.

Edit / create sales channel

Click the edit icon to move it to the section where you can edit or create a new sales channel. In the basic data tab, you set up the information that is necessary for the function of the e-shop, such as the channel name, domain name, language, currency, company name, link to store labels and more. As the last one you choose the template type, we currently use mostly FRESH template. In the Integration tab it is possible to set what you want to link to the sales channel, for example: Google Analytics, zásilkovna, heureka.cz, sklik, zboží.cz and others, but before this can be linked, it must be created in the Integration tab.

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