This section is destined to create email templates, which after can be set to be sent automatically when the order status changes. If you want to send an email automatically, you need to link it with the email from which it will be sent.

Emails overview

For each sales channel, you have the option to create templates separately, each has its table clearly marked. We have several columns:

  • Name - The working name of the email will be displayed for orders in the system

  • Type - Classic email or with HTML support

  • Automatic sending - YES / NO - if you set YES the email will be sent automatically after the required order status changes

  • After changing to status - Send an email based on the change to the individual status we have created (status creation - separate chapter)

  • Actions - Ability to edit email

Edit / Create an email

Firstly, enter the name of the email – this way will be displayed in the system. Next, choose email type - classic or HTML (we recommend using HTML for more style settings). Next, choose the sales channel for which we create the email. If it is necessary, check automatic sending. Then we set when the email will be sent - after system action or after a user action. It is also necessary to set from which email will be sent. This can be set in integrations. If you want to receive information on another email, you can set it to a copy of the email. Now comes the creation of the body of the email itself. This is the same as when writing a classic email. So, fill in the subject and then the content. In the subject and body, it is possible to use so-called macros, which replace some functions in email see. Edit email.

List of macros

Note: If you use the list of items in an order, you must insert % order_items_start% and % order_items_stop% at the end. We only insert once even if there are multiple items in the order.

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