Initial setting

Basic background setting – definition of companies, warehouses, selling points, order status etc.

My organization

The first thing to do when you first log into Retailys is to create your organization.

The next step is to set up your warehouse.

Content management

On the next step, we will set up a Sales Channel for your chosen country

As a next step I need to set up a family of products and set up my parameters, which I want to monitor in the e-shop.

Next, I create category trees for each sales channel separately

Then we create products that I want to add to the e-shop. Using classical insertion via content -> products or there is also a possibility via so-called import table, connection to xml Feed or connection to a supplier about these opportunities, ask for or +420 376 611

If I have goods that contain variants, I will create sets of variants and assign the correct values

In the next step, I will create Shipping and Payment Methods

Orders and Stocks

Next, I connect my email client with and make templates for sending emails to customers.

One of the last steps is to create order states for better limpidity

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