Shipping and paymnet methods

Shipping and payment methods overview

In this section, we can set up our shipping and payment methods. The page is divided into two halves. In the upper half you can set the Shipping methods for the sales channel you have edited and in the lower half you can find the Payment methods administration.

When establishing new shipping and payment methods, we recommend creating payment methods first and then shipping methods as the principle of assignment works here.

When you click the add button, you have the option to Add a new shipping method or add a new payment method.

Create payment methods

First of all, you choose the name of the payment method and it will be displayed on the web. Next, you choose the type of payment method. The selected method type is displayed for orders. You can choose from:

  • Cash

  • Bank transfer

  • Payment via Comgate

  • EFTPOS Terminal

  • Paypal

  • Stripe


  • Twisto

Next, choose the currency and price you want to charge for the selected method type. Finally, the description of the method is also displayed on the site

Create shipping method

If you have successfully created payment methods you can now create shipping methods. The first thing you need to do is to fill in the name of the shipping method that will appear on the site. Next is the type of carrier, which you can choose from:

  • Czech Post

  • PPL

  • StoreVisit - personal pickup

  • FOFR

  • OwnShipper - own transport

  • GLS

  • TopTrans

  • Zásilkovna

  • DPD

  • DHL

Next, you need to fill in the currency and price in which the postage will be charged. Furthermore, we can choose the delivery time in days from to, and the country for which the transport is intended. On the right side, we set price limits and their currency for which the given transport will be displayed for example from 0 - 1000 purchases will be displayed other transport than for purchases over 1000. We can also choose dependence on the parameter and compare it with the selected value.

In the next tab, select payment methods that will be active for the selected transport method.

If you want to make a payment by card it is necessary to ask for a connection to the payment gateway and this request may take up to several weeks. Currently, we support Comgate, but we are planning another one.

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